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Your maximum health potentials are best achieved through a well-thought-out care plan that puts emphasis on an individualized care experience. Hence, we design your personalized plan of care specific to that of your individual needs and preferences. Moreover, a thorough health assessment is pertinent to achieving your best possible health result. Thus, Helix Home Health is here to guide and assist you in your wellness journey.

Understanding Comprehensive Home Care

Often, patients and their family members look for health care services that can be arranged in the familiar and supportive setting of home. In fact, that’s where most patients prefer to be if given a choice. The fact that such supportive home care services reduce unnecessary hospital stays and deliver personalized one-on-one attention, is what makes them so special. Since the patient is the sole focus during every visit, the multidisciplinary health care team is able to offer robust at home, home care that patients ask for.

Difference between supportive home care, palliative care, and hospice

  1. Home Health Services: The best in home care services would help you get better from injuries or illnesses. It also helps you in becoming self-sufficient and regaining your independence.
  2. Palliative Care – This is a form of at home, home care in which patients may receive curative treatments for chronic or life-limiting diseases. It focuses on providing relief from pain and stress.
  3. Hospice – This is for patients who are no longer receiving curative treatment for any terminal illness, and have a limited life expectancy.


Who would benefit from the best home care services?

Anyone with one or more of the following would undoubtedly benefit from the in home care services in Philadelphia:

  1. Those suffering from a terminal illness
  2. Those having mobility problems
  3. Those with fear of falling
  4. Those who have pain or control issues
  5. Those needing frequent hospitalizations and ER visits
  6. Those suffering from functional or cognitive decline
  7. Those undergoing a new diagnosis
  8. Those suffering from an acute or chronic disease.
  9. Those suffering with Dementia
  10. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s


Why seek Palliative care from only the best home care agency?

This home care agency is managed by Registered nurses and Public Health professionals.  While there are hundreds of home care agencies in Philadelphia PA, only a few good ones have a team made up of multiple different professionals. The team members should have the right experience in working with patients, their families, and the patient’s doctors, so as to provide the right emotional, practical, and medical support, expected of them. In short, they should know how to take care of home health problems.

The Palliative care services for best home care in Philadelphia usually include specialist doctors and nurses, nutritionists, social workers, and more. The team may vary in size, depending on the need of the patient and the level of care required.

Palliative care can go along with curative treatment and may begin from the time of diagnosis. Through the course of the treatment, if the patient’s doctor believes that the ongoing treatment is no longer helping, either of the two things can be done –

  • Palliative care can be continued with more emphasis on comfort care depending on the circumstances and doctor recommendation.


When to look for good hospice care?

Most home care agencies in Philadelphia PA recommend hospice care towards the end of the patient’s life. It simply focuses on the care, comfort, and overall quality of life of the patient with a serious illness, approaching the end of his/her life. There are times when a patient can no longer undergo certain treatments, and that is when they are put on hospice care. It is a service designed for patients when the illness stops responding to medical treatment.


Do you just need some basic help around the house?

A good Philadelphia home care agency provides skilled care to patients. This includes nursing, therapies, and more. However, if you’re looking for a more custodial service, try opting for companion care. It is sufficient for people looking for help with day-to-day tasks such as laundry, cooking, dressing, and bathing. This is non-medical care or assistive care.


Need help understanding what services may be appropriate for your loved one?

The best home care agencies in Philadelphia,  Helix Home Health have social workers who will meet with you or the patient and will review the circumstances. They’ll make necessary recommendations about the services you may benefit from, and even coordinate with the at home care agency, Helix Home Health and their medical team.

At Helix Home Health, we have a robust and well-thought-out home care plan that puts emphasis on individualized care. We do not believe in cookie-cutter packages and we go out of our way in coming up with specially tailored comprehensive home care plan solutions for our clients.

The following are the services we offer:

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